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    Model: KD-1018
    <img src='product_photos/mKD-1018.jpg' height=300>
    Size:97x56x12mm Digits :8
    Key Tone.
    Model: KD-1019
    <img src='product_photos/mKD-1019.JPG' height=300>
    Size:97x56x12mm Digits: 8
    Key Tone
    Model: KD-1238
    <img src='product_photos/mKD-1238.jpg' height=300>
    Size:104x42x20mm Digit: 8
    Key Tone
    Model: KD-1583
    <img src='product_photos/mKD-1583.jpg' height=300>
    Size:81x40x23mm Digits : 8
    Button Cell Battery
    Model: KD-1688
    <img src='product_photos/mKD-1688.jpg' height=300>
    Model: KD-1689A
    <img src='product_photos/mKD-1689A.jpg' height=300>
    Size:120x47x18mm Digit: 8
    Model: KD-1888
    <img src='product_photos/mKD-1888.jpg' height=300>
    Model: KD-2038
    <img src='product_photos/mKD-2038.JPG' height=300>
    Size:120x40x20mm Digit: 8
    Button Cell Battery
    Model: KD-2058
    <img src='product_photos/mKD-2058.jpg' height=300>

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